A Message from Chief Pete Carey

Thank you for taking the time to visit Police Foundation of Colorado Springs. It is an outstanding non-profit organization created in 2009 to help finance programs and expenses not covered by the Colorado Springs City budget. Examples include:

  • Supplying medical trauma kits to each officer, as well as new recruits
  • Funding five command staff officers to attend the Police Executive Research Forum's Senior Management Institute for Police (SMIP)
  • Funding scholarships for children of police department employees
  • Variable lighting for the downtown area to enhance citizens' safety
  • Airborne Law Association Symposium funding
  • Funding equipment to produce Public Service Announcement 
  • Expenses for Cadet Advisors to attend the annual Law Enforcement Explorer Post Advisors Association of Colorado, to supervise the Cadets who are participating in the competition
  • Funding technology for two Patrol substation interview rooms
  • Funding to create a specific interview room for victims who have suffered a horrific crime
  • Funding to secure a van for the CSPD Victim Advocacy Unit to transport victims and their belongings to a safe location
  • Support for numerous community events
  • Expenses for three officers to attend the Women's Leadership Institute

In the months of preparation for the annual Medal of Valor program, Police Foundation of Colorado Springs does an incredible job planning and coordinating the awards ceremony and luncheon, honoring the department's officers who have gone above and beyond in the service to our citizens and city. We are very appreciative to Police Foundation of Colorado Springs's staff for the time and effort that goes into this important event.

Another Colorado Springs Police Department partner is Penrose-St.Francis Health Services. As an individual corportate donor to Police Foundation of Colorado Springs, Penrose-St. Francis Health Services made it possible for Police Foundation of Colorado Springs to purchase medical trauma kits for each graduating recruit class.

Each day, men and women of the Colorado Springs Police Department serve and protect our community. Police Foundation of Colorado Springs is an important partner in that effort.