Medal of Valor History

The Medal of Valor Luncheon began in 1985 in response to a question posed by Chief Jim Munger, Colorado Springs police chief. Munger was quoted in a Colorado Springs newspaper asking if the city couldn’t do more for its police officers.

To recognize the daily efforts of police officers, Chief Munger hosted a medal ceremony at a police department facility with few attendees and not much community support. The ceremony received significant internal support, but there wasn’t much support from outside the department.

John Henry, a Colorado Springs resident and public relations and advertising professional, read the article, approached a client, and then met with Chief Munger to say, “Yes we can do more.” With that, the Medal of Valor Luncheon was born.

Since the first Medal of Valor program in 1985, a key component of the ceremony includes highlighting the heroic stories behind each of the awards presented to officers who risk their lives every day to protect our community.

Since the first ceremony, the community has taken this event to heart. According to John Henry, “It has become a piece of community culture, so what we have done is put together a lasting mechanism for the community to say to its cops, we do care, we do see what you are doing, we recognize the job you do for us.”

Police Foundation of Colorado Springs assumed responsibility for hosting the Medal of Valor luncheon in 2011. The Foundation is honored to be involved in a program that recognizes the bravery and commitment of Colorado Springs police officers.

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